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5 Tips to make your Child love Learning #86357

Most people want their children to like learning and reading. They want their child to be better educated but does one know how to encourage that love of learning.

Here are 5 steps on the way to do this.

1. Remember to speak with your child about daily life. You'll ask them about the things you read and listen to and about the things that you simply find interesting. Ask them what do they think of a few certain issues. By asking them to express their opinions and thoughts, you're actually teaching them to articulate their thoughts properly. Research has shown that children who do that have larger vocabularies and are better readers.

2. You've got to be an ideal model. You would like to lay an honest example for your children. You can’t expect them to like reading, if you yourself don’t like reading. So, you'll start once they are young, read to them before they are going to sleep at night. As they grow old, you'll establish a reading hour before they sleep. Furthermore, you'll also organise weekly trips to the library. Introduce to them the books of your childhood from your favourite authors.

3. You'll introduce thinking games to your children too. How about setting a game night in your family? Set each day where the entire family gets together and play games. Teach them games that need thinking like chess or scrabble. Don’t place such a lot emphasis on winning but compliment them on moves that are well thought out,

4. You'll also inculcate a hobby in your children. If you're curious about a particular hobby just like the painting or the study of music, you'll show your child your hobby. If they show interest in your hobby, then that’s excellent news for you. However, if they don’t, don’t force them to love your hobby. Instead encourage them to pursue hobbies of their own. If they appear curious about an instrument, you'll encourage their hobby further by signing them up for music classes and supporting their interest.

5. Remember that you simply are the absolute best example there's for your children. So, if you would like them to love learning, you have to start out doing it yourself too. So, change yourself today and begin loving learning too!

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